Comments From Our Families

Our families were asked: 

What are 1 or 2 things that you enjoyed about the program?

  • The kindness of the educators and how welcoming they have been to our family. This is a new experience for us and I felt safe taking them to school every day. Thank you for that!

  • My kids all love their teachers at RMCA and I appreciate the support and tools available through this program.

  • The gaga ball pit and 4 square have been a huge hit with most of my kids! I love the holiday music program, the time, time of year, and location are all excellent!

  • Music program for 5th graders. And we love the activities provided/organized by the student council for high school!

  • The variety of classes especially music and the music teacher is great! The van to Woodland Park is such a help!

  • 1) Google Classroom for updates from staff and teachers. 2) The staff and teachers have all been friendly, and I can tell the teachers really care about my students. 3) We greatly appreciate the curriculum loan/purchase program. It gave us access to curriculum that we couldn't afford, but our children are thriving with. Thank you!

  • Love the teachers and all the staff! Also love the academic excellence and material taught, especially the focus on language arts. I also love the focus on character.

  • I love everything about it, especially the help with language arts and Aleks math. I also love that my kids get a day at school and they love going!

  • Kids love this program, I love the testing and evaluation to let me know where my kids are at.

  • The class size is large enough for my children to make different friends but small enough to receive individual attention from the teachers.

  • I also like the fact that the program accommodates students with different learning styles.

  • The children learning the different things that this school offers. I like all of it. And it gives me a break one day a week in homeschooling

  • My kids and I love RMCA. I love the classroom environment and the reduction of responsibility for me that the program provides. The teachers are awesome!

  • My children especially enjoy having art, music and gym when they attend as we do not regularly include these in our school day even though we do swim, ride bikes, paint, color, craft and sing etc. for enjoyment outside of our school day. Also I feel that the opportunity for group work in the classroom is so good for them especially since our capabilities for this right now with K & 4th at home is limited. We do some lessons (esp. Science and History) together, but most are separate and the work at the end of lessons together is often separate as well due to differing skill levels. So working as a team or even pair is a valuable experience.

  • I love how the teachers come along side parents to co-teach with us. It's such a gift. I also love how caring the teachers are and how much my kids seem to learn when they are there.

  • Love the 6th graders space mission program! The holiday concert was super fun for all the kids too.

  • Everything. I love that when I have concerns about my students, I can talk to Carla and she cares and tries to do the best she can for them. I feel like my kids matter to the school staff.

  • The van carpool from Pueblo, the Facebook group for parents and the emails/Google classroom. Thank you so much for all you do!

  • I love the extra experiences my kids get at RMCA!

  • I love how enriching the classes are, the themes and how organizing everyone in the staff is. My son looks forward to his class! We love you guys!
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